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How to play the BONUSS.K.A.T.E

The B.O.N.U.S.S.K.A.T.E is a consistence based progressive skateboarding game that will help you master the tricks you already know and open new doors of possibilities here is how to play?


The objective of the bonus game is to get Points or the letters  B O N U S a player can get a BONUS in two ways. One, by earning letters or points with "finish sequence" trick's and or ”sequence ender” or Opponents quitting

Whoever goes first will be player 1, and when Player 1 set's a trick. The following player's has to land a different stance variation of the same trick. it's cannot be rhe same trick. A sequence is born, and every sequence has 4 possible variation. Regular, switch, fackie and nollie. Also a round is not confined by one sequence

Now for the details Their are seven rules you need to know but first a few key words and their definitions 


In 2015, Gavin, Andrew and Mike where chilling at Eli's house, doing some brainstorming. I  Gavin wondered why S.K.A.T.E, the most influential skateboarding game in history, has so much in common with the Basketball's "game of horse". In fact, the rules are so similar that it's like copy and paste  The two activities are not alike  I realized the major difference between skateboarding and basketball is. In basketball their are no stances while in skateboarding four stances. That's what make's S.K.A.T.E limiting. So we came up with the bonus game, now called "B.O.N.U.S.S.K.A.T.E". The idea was to Incorporate the 4 major stances of skateboarding, We made some minor changes plus improvements.  Here's how to play





Set Trick:

 The first trick of a sequence


 A particular order in which related movements follow each other

Sequence trick:

Any trick that follows the set trick


 Player 1 sets, player 2 misses a stance, then player 1 lands a remaining stance of the set trick. For example kick-flip, fackie-flip attempt, switch-flip sequence finisher.


 When during a sequence two or more tricks are missed in a row, For example 360 flip, fackie 360 flip attempt, fackie 360-flip sequence ender. Players have to track the sequence ender's because they can be done at any point during the game Scenario 3 END OF SEQUENCE: Player 1 sets regular, player 2 lands fackie, player 3 lands switch, player 4 lands nollie.


Official Rules

 Rule 1

 a trick must be set to begin a sequence

 Rule 2 

If it’s your turn and you miss a sequence trick you are out of the round, the remaining players have an opportunity to get a letter/point

 Rule 3

rounds can and will outlast sequences 

 Rule 4 

when a player "finishes a sequence" the next player gets to set a trick

 Rule 5

when all 4 stance have been landed, it is the "end of a sequence" players must set a new trick and continue the round.

 Rule 6 

If you miss a sequence trick you are out the round

 Rule 7

 the objective of the game is to get letters/points


Here is a quick clip of the Eric Suarez and friend's Playing Enjoy


Play try out  and share the game, B.O.N.U.S.S.K.A.T.E with your friend's