How to get some bonuscash online

it's 2016 getting money online is a thing you can do. And you do not have to leave your job or change schedules that's why I call it bonuscash. In this article you will learn how and where to make money online. if I help you guys make more money then you will spend more money maybe even on bonusskate win win.Thus here is 10 ways to make money online.

1. Get an online job 

Their are a bunch of business out their looking for skills to save them time and help them make money. Most online jobs are competitive. You can get a online job depending on your skill and the marketplace quality, but most importatly presentation to prospecting employers. check out a widely popular marketplace where you will find listed jobs.

2. Write on crowdcontent

Crowdcontent is used by many ecommerce platforms like shopify and wordpress, giving you access to business that pay for content. Crowdcontent pays a couple pennies per word, times that by 500 or more and that's 10 bucks, get good ratings and multiply your earnings per word.

3. Selling Stuff

Their are tons of place to sell online, craiglist, ebay, amazon, and more. You can even sell here at Just get some stuff to sell take some good photos and find people that want to buy. I have found ebay to work really good with tech stuff. Selling online sounds easy, and it is just do some market research on the product market fit, price and demand.if they all check's start selling.

4. Investing in the stocks market

 Have you ever played the stock market game ? The stocks market is a pretty good place to buy your favorite companies, and make money. Keep in mind stocks take quite a bit of time to see sizable returns, unless of course their is hype. When you buy a stock, you become a share holder of a large corporation. If you buy enough stocks you even get to make votes that influence where the corporation will be heading. Then their are dividends, dividends are payed out to share holders, some companies pay dividends monthly, others quarterly or even yearly. I have used tradeking since 2013, I found them to have good rep, low trade fee of only $4.95 per order and a minimum of $50 to open an account. plus a great set of tools to be used. 

5. Sell your space

If you are living in a nice house where their is plenty of room for guest's. Like a guest room or two, list it on airbnb. Its not like traditional renting where someone signs a contract and lives at a location for a long time. It's more like a having a guest stay in your house. Think of this way, you are a broke college student in france and need a place to stay. Option 1, a hotel thats going to cost you all your fun, option 2 locals on airbnb listing their rooms at the fraction of the price, with intel in what you need to know. Which one would you choose. When I first used Airbnb, someone booked and listed within hours, and all I had on their are some photos of my couch and dining room with description.

6. Start a online store

Online stores are on the rise, You can get a domain from google for as little as 12 bucks per year. Domains are the real estates of the web, where you can grow, build, rent and expand your domain as your heart desire's. For selling their are plenty of platforms to choose from. Personally after trying wix and shopify and wordpress, I found shopify to be the most efficient with the best integration and tools.

7. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is like when you tell somebody where you bought your favorite painting on your wall, and they go to that shop and end up buying painting also, then in a Will Ferrel Voice that shop is like, "here's your bonus cash bro, get us more customers, cause you know our customer discovered and bought stuff through you". Many companies have affiliate programs. Just look at the bottom of the screen where the links are at and look out for "affiliate program", or "become a partner". if you would like to become a bonusskate affiliate contact us, before we launch an affiliate program.

8. Lifestyle branding

this one is pretty neat, I have seen it work very effective with the right combination of followers, brand, and lifestyle. You probably follow someone, somewhere that's lifestyle branding. I think lifestyle branding is like being a celebrity and usually involve's affiliate marketing or network marketing. Tai Lopez, is great example of lifestyle branding.

9. Forex Market

When I first heard of forex market I was skeptical, I ended up in the binary options market which is a lot more riskier than the forex market. Regardless, they are both very similar and work like this, if you can predict the future price change of currency pairs, then their is lots of money to be made. Keep in mind if you are wrong then you lose money. Their are lots of tools made from algo trading to social trading. For people world wide I recommend fxcm for forex. But for people outside the US I recommend iqoptions for binary.

10. Peer to Peer lending

Peer to peer lending is like putting money in the bank When you put money in your checking account, the bank takes that money and loans it to someone else. The fed's call it the federal reserve rate, currently in the US the reserve rate is between 0.25% to 0.50% that's historic lows. When people decide to pay back their loans or credit card payments the banks make money on interest that they charge you. Peer to peer lending is just taking the banks out of the equation where you make the money earned on interest. I have been using lending club for a couple years now. Click here to go to lending club


In one article I have shown you ten great ways to make bonus cash online, what you do next is up to you. If you have any question ask below or fill our the contact form. I have one request, if you found this information helpful in anyway please share it to someone who will find it helpful also. Say it outloud #Ideserveabonus 

Gavin Chebor

Business major, founder of bonusskate currently in africa.