4 Ways Skating Helps Fight Depression

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4 Ways Skating Helps Fight Depression

Depression is a thing, and if you are like most humans on earth you will have a time where you face this ill fated disease. So here are some ways skateboarding helps with coping with that.

1. Skateboarding is a form of exercise,

Skateboarding is an excellent way to getting your daily exercise. And exercise release’s the feel happy chemicals like dopamine and serotonin to your brain, naturally.

2. It’s fun

When you are really depressed, fun seems like a foreign concept, that you just can’t have. It’s hard getting yourself to get on the board, But that’s not true. Go out and skate, have some fun, and forget about your problems.

3. You get lots of sun

Have you ever asked someone how they are doing and they say, something in lines of “I think it’s the weather.” Usually they do not refer to sunny days, because the sun is good for you, and releases more happy chemicals.

4. Rad skaters

There’s always someone at the park that just something so rad, that you get excited. 

Now those are just a few ways skateboarding helps with depression, Not counting the accomplishing feeling of landing on the board.