Bonusskate Good news

Bonusskate Good news

  • Hey guy's Gavin Chebor Here from Bonus Skate with some good news.

1. BONUSSKATE is now a LLC, for Limited Liability Corporation. Which means we will be able to have acces to more products specially, pro model decks, as a dealer. The pro decks, we are planning on offering them as subscriptions aswell. Also we pay taxes.

2. BONUSSKATE is now on shopify. The move was mostly due platform intergration.

3. In an effort to help you make money, and get involved in bulding bonusskate we have opened up BONUSSKATE as a marketplace, and you can now sell products on our site. To do so, just got menu click sell create account and list. 

4. Name your price, this is a new feature that we, have on our site, where you can name your price, it's a little buggy (does not always fit) so if you do not see it refresh the product page and it should be their.

5. Memberships coming soon.

Spread the word, you heard it here first.

You deserve a bonus
Gavin Chebor

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