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New store new problems.

You might be wondering what happened to the Bonusskate website? Well its changed, I will tell you a little more about the change in a sec, but first I wanted to explain the problem from the old website, then go into details about what is now possible with the new store. and finishing up with what is to come

The old bonus site was reaching it's peak with new advances and upgrades like the video backgrounds and mobile app. But their was a problem that persisted for 7 months. I just could not ignore it any longer, Speed. I got the need for speed, and when I open up the bonus site, I disliked how fast it was. Although it was slow, that is not the only reason why the bonus site is on a new platform.

Facebook, we have all been their and spent countless number of hours total scoping and browsing. In an attempt to keep things together, I moved the bonus site to shopify. This was done by accident right after introducing the bonus store on the Facebook bonus page. The results are more clothing available, faster speed, and the Bonusskate store availability on Facebook

Nonetheless you will still be able to access and navigate the previous platform website through an app, just visit and get the wix app. Their you can browse the store, which we will keep updated and the the old blog/pages

Ok but the main point is their are more shop tool's on shopify. Subscription skateboarding will be easier, as well as custom apparel, plus the added speed and Facebook access is a bonus.

Thanks for reading

I will leave you with a few questions

What do you want to see from Bonusskate next ?

How do you define innovation ?