Skate 4 in E3 2016 ?

Skate 4 in E3 2016 ?

The skate franchise has a special place in my heart. It's been almost 10 years since the first skate was released.  I will briefly cover my experience with the skate franchise, do a little review, and answer the above question.

The first one I owned was skate 2. The game was just like a skateboard, the grind was real, to get that perfect line. it would be their during chill summer nights, And the long winter months. Keeping me entertained, the game kept me imagining skateboarding on my mind. it was a great tool you see, I was still learning allot of the basics at the time, Then I lost skate 2 during a sit around kind of trip.

Months later skate 3 came out, right near my birthday too. So I got it with the bonus birthday money of course. From that point forward it was basically my go to game up until I sold my ps3. I  got hooked, I think it was the accuracy, freedom and skate community kept me hooked.  Even thou the connectivity would always drop and crash my online sessions. Although I have not played skate 3 in about a year. I still recommend that game to anybody looking for some last gen fun.

Here’s my little comparison review, The skate 2 soundtrack was lit, the map had a very real feel to it with great street vibe's, plus the story with rob and big, yeah they where in it was just a bonus 9/10. While skate 3 has a huge trick bag, and a host of creative tools and things to do. All in all skate 3 was better 8/10. Unfortunately I have spent 100's of hours playing just skate 3 alone, and skate 4 was not announced during this years E3 convention. love it or hate it, it's a no show during this years E3.

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