Skateboarding is Doomed and the Olympics can save it

Skateboarding is Doomed and the Olympics can save it

Skateboarding is doomed, with attention span dwindling, how will a new generation ever get passed the Ollie ?  The Olympics may the last hope for skateboarding.

Do you think skateboarding is becoming more popular ? think again. According to google trend's the overall interest in skateboarding has been on a steady decline since 2004. Which is the year google trends started recording.

This first photo is the overall interest and searches made on each of the search terms.

Skateboarding,   street league,  Ollie, Olympics skateboarding, Skateboarding Olympics

What the data show's in blue is that; The overall worldwide interest in skateboarding is on a steady but gradual demise.  if this pattern continue's skateboarding will become an antique sport like roller skating. Their is hope though, in the past month or so, their was a huge spike of interest thank's to the skateboarding being in the Olympic's announcement. When I compared the data from the last 7 day's and same date's last year. Their is a dramatic difference, here let's take a closer look


Last Year


This Year


The bottom line here is that, while street league did prolong the interest of skateboarding as seen on the first image. The exposure/interest of Olympics Skateboarding has a gravity like effect on skateboarding as a whole. Maybe even create the a larger tribalism effect, I think without tribalism type competition's the pattern will go on. Here at Bonusskate we have created, a difficult but versatile skateboarding game that is ready for team's, vert, street and line's. Best of all during competition the game will need little judging to determine the winner. to learn more about B.O.N.U.S.S.K.A.T.E learn more click here

 Since we are talking about the  diminishing interest in skating here is a flash back;



1998, Birdhouse Skateboard's "The End"