is it spring yet? duluth area skateboarding

is it spring yet? duluth area skateboarding

The clouds are fluffy the air is warming up. Here is look at Duluth and superior area spring 2012 skateboarding session.

Featuring Duluth and superior area skate parks from east to west.


Brought to you by:

Mike Rapaich- 

"A few months ago, Dylan Gagnon hit me up to go film a few fun tricks at our local park. We wanted to make another Best Time of the Year edit for him but one thing led to another and we came out with this huge montage featuring tons of locals. It was super fun to film in the nice Spring weather. I hope you enjoy! And yes, that fall I took at the end killed my ass.

Filmed/Edited by Mike Rapaich

Camera Setup: Canon T3i, Canon Battery Grip, Rokinon 8mm, Sennheiser MKE400, Rigged Cam Caddie,

Songs: Silver Swans - Mother of Pearl, Palpitation - What If'"

for more some bonus content watch more Mike Rapaich YouTube video here


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