3.5mm Metal Zipper Earphones with mic

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Like 🍕 3.5mm Metal Zipper Earphones with mic is uniquely made after you order, and ships from the United States

Order today and you could get it on Oct 31, 2018 and No later than Nov 10, 2018 or 100% money back Guaranteed


Style Meets Function 

Meet the earbuds you will want to carry around. It's built for sports and at a great price. Perfect for zipping away, no pun intended while listening to music.

Whether you are skateboarding, or looking around, running or even playing tennis, these headphones give you more control over the fit.


  • Noise Cancellation 
  • Microphone
  • Zipper
  • 3.5 MM 
  • Color Choice

The zipper keeps the earbuds secured and keeps it from falling off your head, maintaining the beats. 

Expe 1-2 Weeks

If you Don't like it,

 We have a 30 Day Money Back Policy