BonusSkate Star Gradient Decks

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Like 🍕 BonusSkate Star Gradient Decks is uniquely made after you order, and ships from the United States

Order today and you could get it on Nov 23, 2018 and No later than Dec 03, 2018 or 100% money back Guaranteed


Bonus Skate the new gradient standard, There is something so smooth, unique and special about this 2018 bonus skate deck. 

it's our first line of factory manufactured decks, Rocking a 7 ply Canadian maple hard wood. For that pop, you are so familiar with. A (medium) standard concave with just the right amount of board control, in order to do every kind of trick on the book. 

The art is printed on, including the bonusskate star logo which is inspired by the long hours spent under the sun skateboarding.

Sunscreen not included.

While the gradient look is inspired by the mixing of colors to make something unique and new, kind of how bonusskate had started mixing ideas together. 

Every SIngle Deck is Fresh

Made to order, with a shipping time of 10-15 business days

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